MIDDLE EAST EDITOR, IRIN    September 2015-present

  • Draw on more than five years of experience as a journalist and researcher in the Middle East to coordinate regional coverage from Jerusalem base, placing a focus on humanitarian crises in Yemen, Syria and Iraq
  • Commission and edit pieces from wide network of stringers
  • Monitor breaking news, humanitarian developments and trends across multiple countries and correspond with contacts in English, Hebrew, French and Arabic
  • Contribute articles and data visualizations to ensure updated and wide-ranging delivery of regional content

FREELANCE JOURNALIST Jerusalem    October 2013-present

  • Regular contributor to IRIN and other media outlets including The Independent (UK), Al Jazeera English, and The American Prospect
  • First journalist to report statistics on low delivery of promised aid for Gaza reconstruction
  • Covered wide range of topics, including unrecognized Bedouin villages, bilingual education in Israel, Fatah-Hamas relations, the economics of West Bank settlements, and moderate Israeli views on the Iran nuclear deal

REPORTER The Daily Star, Beirut, Lebanon     October 2010-May 2013

  • Pitched and wrote feature articles for national daily newspaper on a variety of topics, including: Palestinian refugees, arbitrary detention, migrant workers, racial discrimination, literacy, cluster bombs, and the South Lebanon Army
  • Led international coverage on Alem Dechasa-Desisa, an Ethiopian domestic worker who committed suicide while hospitalized after a widely publicized beating by her employer
  • Regularly from Palestinian refugee camps, established network of contacts in various factions
  • Authored daily stories on politics, breaking news
  • Regularly copy edited articles for publication


  • Performed archival research and interviews for journalist Debbie Nathan’s “Sybil Exposed,” published in 2011 by Free Press (Simon & Schuster)
  • Uncovered previously unknown details about the history of Dr. Cornelia Wilbur, psychiatrist in the famous Multiple Personality Disorder case of “Sybil”
  • Conducted interviews with scientific experts and subjects familiar with various aspects of the case

CONSULTANT Schroder Investment Management North America, N.A.      February-June 2008

  • Edited and co-wrote 2008 Business Continuity Plan
  • Identified errors in payroll calculation and proposed a new method that was adopted department-wide
  • Designed and implemented strategies for audit of electronic data storage systems

SPECIAL ASSISTANT to Capital Defence Attorney Ruth Friedman     May-September 2004

  • Performed legal research, edited post-conviction appeals and progress reports
  • Carried out independent investigation on death penalty cases: independently located evidence and witnesses while on location in Texas, interviewed witnesses
  • Assisted death penalty practitioner in litigation and researching administration of the death penalty in Alabama, Texas, and elsewhere

LEGAL INTERN Office of the District of Colombia Attorney General     June-August 2003

  • Researched case law, briefed cases, drafted motions, prepared discovery responses/requests, aided in depositions, corresponded with clients

RESEARCH ASSISTANT to Professor Phoebe Ellsworth, University of Michigan Law School    April-June 2003

  • Evaluated and edited a guide to the death penalty for educators and activists in preparation for its placement on the Death Penalty Information Centre’s website
  • Developed proposals for a university curriculum on capital punishment
  • Analyzed and coded video recordings of jury deliberations for a project on race saliency in jury deliberations

RESEARCH ASSISTANT to Professor James Hines, University of Michigan Office of Tax Policy Research April-June 2003

  • Gathered data for project on the effect of fundamental tax reform on the non-profit sector
  • Collected data on the Arab League’s economic boycott of Israel

RESEARCH ASSISTANT to Professor Reuven Avi-Yonah, University of Michigan Law School     October 2002-April 2003

  • Summarized articles from law reviews, wrote and checked footnotes for an article on the international law governing the role of multinational corporations in human rights abuses,  published in the “Columbia Journal of Transnational Law”             




MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies with Distinction

  • Earned distinction for dissertation analyzing the legal status of Arabic in Israel through a statistical analysis of the languages used on street signs in the country’s mixed municipalities
  • Coursework in Modern Standard Arabic, Middle Eastern politics, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict


BA in Political Science with High Distinction

  • Overall Grade Point Average 3.914/4.0; Concentration GPA 4.0/4.0
  • Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honor Society), Sigma Iota Rho (International Affairs Honor Society)
  • Designed and implemented an independent research project examining the extent to which the size of a state’s minority population affects the strictness of its voter identification laws


  • Coursework in economic policy, criminal justice policy, human rights theory, and European politics